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What type of clients do you work with?

We do not specialize, as long we can create a face to face experience we can work with any client.

How do you choose the clients that you work with?

Based on the 2 things: Do we believe on the product/service/brand? Is there an opportunity to grow with the client? If both answers are yes, we take that campaign to the next level.

What type of events do you do?

Anything from musical festivals, in store presentations, sports games, to street pop ups and charity events.

How much notice prior running an event?

We offer 24-hour rollouts for our campaigns.

What's the future for Pier?

We are expanding to 19 markets in the next 9 months, then overseas China and India.

What's the culture like?

We try to imitate sports teams as much as possible where we work as a team and hit goals together while enjoying what we are doing, you can always find the team playing PS5 or table tennis in the mornings prior getting the day started.


Why is there such a large demand for what you do?

Our competitive company culture drives high-growth and quality customers for every single client. With us, clients don't pay for services like exposure - they only invest in our ability to build lifetime loyalty with their customer base, which in turn fuels their ROI.

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