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At Pier Events, we believe in fostering a dynamic and inclusive work environment where passionate individuals can thrive and contribute to our shared success. Join us on a journey where innovation meets collaboration, and your career aspirations become a reality.

Brand Manager

We offer a short term training program over a period of 5-8 months to learn from different team members. The goal is to increase marketing and management skillsets to be able to eventually oversee a campaign. Brand Manager runs the show, from dealing directs with the clients to understand the field work.  This includes defining the brand's positioning, target audience, messaging pillars, and tone of voice to ensure consistency across all events and communications.

Event Coordinator

These people are the face of the client. Daily interactions with a specific audience, the goal is to increase brand awareness and create a personalized experience via a face to face platform. At that point Event Coordinator is the captain of the team, from planning workshops and analyzing market data. At that point the goals is to have the 4 pillars mastered (marketing/sales, training, recruitment and management). The event coordinator is the heart of our company! Our event coordinator roll is the captain of our team.

Citrus Fruits

Brand Ambassador

Face of the brand, thats the easiest way to describe the brand ambassador roll. From dealing with customers from all around the world, acquiring data in different markets across California, the brand ambassador roll is the communication roll, which involves story telling, creativity and ongoing feedback to our clients about how we can improve the brand and customer acquisition. On that roll marketing and sales is a very important tool to acquire and manage quality customer. Position also includes a lot of public speaking, self management and most important brand representation to provide the best experience to our clients.

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